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International and Regional

eMaaS - Electric Mobility as a Service

Complex electromobility service

The main goal of the international eMaaS project is to unite the fragmented market of different e-mobility options (electric car, electric bicycle, public car, public transport) and thus accelerate the spread of e-mobility. The eMaaS Back-Office solution under development will include features that enable shared e-mobility, fleet management features such as routing, scheduling, maintenance, billing, and integration with existing mobility applications.

Currently, regional eMaaS pilot developments are underway in each country. The development of Budapest Pilot is also supported by the City of Budapest and aims to integrate mobility services through the development of Urban Pulse localization services. This includes car, bike, scooter sharing and hopefully public transportation.

Szeged Transport Company

Up-to-date Dust Analysis System

Within the framework of the project, a particle monitoring system was developed for the Szeged Transport Company, with the help of which the concentration of particulate matter in the city can be monitored in real time. The data is displayed on an ergonomic interface available online, which helps to interpret and process the data. Analyzes using historical data and statistical functions contribute to sustainable urban management.

City of Szeged with County Rights

Installation of a data center and visualization of mobility data in connection with the SASMob project of the Szeged municipality

The UrbanPulse urban data platform developed within the framework of the project processes and displays the mobility data collected by the SASMob project in Szeged. The system can be used to visualize and analyze the mobility patterns of the urban population. The city’s undisguised goal is to try to shift mobility habits towards comfortable yet sustainable modes.

Other international public

Bad Hersfeld Cockpit

Urban Pulse Smart Sensors

A surface symbolizing the activity of the city of Bad Hersfeld, designed according to the needs of the city. Among other things, the surface displays real-time data from larger parking garages / parking areas, smart bins / lights, electric charging stations, and data from various environmental sensors such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, noise pollution, and brightness.

Microsoft EBC Cockpit

Urban Pulse Smart Sensors

A cockpit showing processed data from sensors measuring various environmental, energy and mobility values ​​around the world, which is responsible for displaying values ​​measured for environmental sensors, noise pollution, traffic, water consumption and other real-time values.

Digitalstadt Darmstadt

Europe's largest urban data platform

The holistic and strategic approach to the digital development of Darmstadt into a Smart City will be implemented in an introductory phase with the integration of, initially five applications, into an Open Urban Data Platform - the [ui!] UrbanPulse - for the entire city group (city administration and city economy).

We are currently developing Europe's largest urban Data Platform, together with ekom21 and DA-RZ, for the Science City Darmstadt. The new central data platform will be used to collect, process, analyze and visualize different types of data such as; measurements from the extensive environmental sensor network, data from mobility, including public transport and other non-personal data from everyday life.