• Urban Pulse - effective data processing
    on an Open Data Platform

[ui!] Urban Pulse

Open and updated IoT Data Platform

Smart City concepts offer ample opportunities to provide innovative and advanced services and to introduce cost-effective solutions.

The jewel of our product portfolio is the [ui!] UrbanPulse - an open and real-time IoT data platform for efficient, real-time storage and securing of data from heterogeneous sensor types and sensors. An open, real-time IoT platform that can efficiently collect, store, and process data from a variety of sensor types and other data sources. Its open interface architecture and cloud-based implementation enable efficient reuse of urban data for a wide range of intelligent services.

The [ui!] UrbanPulse system supports cities in the secure and cost-effective sharing and presentation of their transport and various sensor data [ui!] Cockpit.

[ui!] Cockpit

Data visualization

The Cockpit is responsible for displaying the processed data from which the city can benefit. The digital city is a very complex topic and affects several areas at once. Here, the ability to display the overall picture is often lacking.

[Ui!] Supports the possibility of identifying and communicating the true potential of a smart city to citizens on a single data platform. This interface is the [ui!] Cockpit.

These Cockpits can be put together according to the cities' own needs, so that the given city receives only the information that is of interest to it.